Over 200 tyre sizes

Car tyres come in lots of different varieties, suitable for different cars, requirements, and budgets.


At Canal Tyres in Glasgow we stock over 200 tyre sizes and are sure we’ll have tyres for your vehicle in stock.


We also sell seasonal car tyres for winter and summer, as well as products with special features, so if you’ve got unique requirements, we can meet them.

We don’t use buzz guns as they damage tyre wheel nuts

Brand New Car Tire

SUV and 4x4

Specialist SUV and 4×4 tyres are available from a wide range of manufacturers which we hold in stock and can fit to your vehicle with or without an appointment.


Drop into our garage and our highly trained tyre mechanic will fit the correct tyre for your SUV or 4×4.

Van tyres

We stock a vast range of van tyres. We ensure that they are commercial to meet legal requirements as fitting the incorrect tyre on a commercial vehicle can lead to MOT failure and your vehicle being impounded. Our highly trained tyre mechanics have the knowledge of over 20 years experience to fit the correct tyre for your commercial vehicle.

The right tyres for you

Some people look for tyres that will maximise their car’s performance, while other people are more concerned with the price and value for money.


Whichever box you fit into, we sell tyres that’ll suit your budget perfectly.


Budget, mid-range, and premium tyres will all get you where you need to be, so choose the ones that are right for you.

FREE puncture repairs and tyre balancing to NHS staff

Opening Hours:

8.30-5 Monday – Saturday, 8.30-3 Sunday